It's our 50th episode! We're celebrating by flipping our usual format on my guest comedian and nostalgia aficionado Chelsea Lou. In this episode we di...View Details

Did someone say CANCON? Comedian/Musician and beloved peach-basket case Pat Boyle is here to discuss with me the iconic series of short films known as...View Details

Get yourself a slice of cherry pie and a cup of good, hot black coffee: it's time for a new episode! Musician Gord Light is here to discuss the 1990-9...View Details

Take a break from jerkin your gerkin and be where you wanna be when Jesus comes back: listening to this new episode where comedian Patricia Ellen catc...View Details

Most people don't know how they're gonna feel from one moment to the next. But YOU have a pretty good idea: you're about to listen to this new episode...View Details

It's our 2-year anniversary! Get your butterfly clips, put on your white eye shadow and join us on this gem of an episode where comedian and podcaster...View Details

This week's episode is a never-before-heard 'deleted scene' from our first ever episode, "Bushwacked! with Evan Mumford", recorded exactly 2 years ago...View Details

Ho ho ho no! I was somehow talked into doing another Christmas episode! Writer and Christmas expert Samantha Hoehne drags us into the holiday season w...View Details

Go get your spinach puffs: comedian Zachary Joseph discusses with us the 2000 Disney comedy "The Emperor's New Groove", directed by Mark Dindal, and f...View Details

Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy. And listen to this new episode where comedian/hologram Mark Robertson discusses with...View Details

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