Welcome to the 2nd installment of 'What Did YOU Miss', a twist on our regular format, where *I'M* the one introducing media from my french-canadian up...View Details

All right, Cincinnati shape up cause it's time for your morning check up. We got comedian Lucia Ribeiro on the program today, she's here to talk with ...View Details

"Welcome to What Did I Miss podcast, home of the What Did I Miss podcast. Can I take your order?" Comedian Matt Basky is delivering us this episode ab...View Details

Good morrow, ye scoundrels! Comedian, improver, podcaster and valiant knight Sir Morgan Cranny is here to introduce us to the 1981 fantasy film "Drago...View Details

Are you ready kids? Comedian and podcaster Elyott Ryan is here to discuss something he loved as a kid that he still enjoys with his own children to th...View Details

Hell yes! Comedian, producer and sensitive son Bo Jagger Essery is our guest for this episode where we discuss a movie he worshipped as a child: 2000 ...View Details

Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent. We couldn't answer your call because Sara Emmett is here to introduce us to the 1994 romantic come...View Details

Comedian and producer Zane Oak paw-d us a visit to discuss the 1967 musical comedy "Doctor Dolittle", directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Rex H...View Details

Comedian and math-doer Erin Haley makes it rain with her knowledge of 1994 comedy "Blank Check", starring  Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, James Rebhorn, ...View Details

Yo Joe! Comedian Drew Farrance is here to drill us in the military art of 1987 animated action movie: "G.I. Joe The Movie", based on the Hasbro toy li...View Details

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