All the way from the far, far away civilization of The Yukon, comedian James Boyle came by to introduce us to a movie that was a key part of his awak...View Details

See that girl? It's comedian/actress/producer Emily Woods! Watch that scene: she's here to talk about a movie she's loved so much, she watched it coun...View Details

He's a fighter, he's a trainer, he's a rapper, writer, comedian and a champion at trivia: we invited the indescribable Gary Barker to the podcast to d...View Details

Composer, songwriter, and all around multi-talented musician Gord Light (Gord Light Brigade, Monte Requesto Presents) introduces us to one of the movi...View Details

Comedian and slacker enthusiast Max Bank Jaffe sauntered back in the studio to introduce us to the 1995 Kevin Smith  comedy "Mallrats" (extended versi...View Details

Calgary based comedian Erin Wood came over for a spell to drink red wine, have a sleepover and talk about the 1996 teenage witch classic film: "The Cr...View Details

We asked comedian Zachary Joseph to explain wrestling to us, and WOW did they deliver! Using the 2002 "Hollywood Hulk Hogan VS The Rock" fight as a ju...View Details

Comedian Erin Haley (Black Sheep Comedy) introduces us to the most popular series of Health and Fitness informative segments in canadian television: B...View Details

Comedian and all-around tubular dude Quincy Thomas revisits with us the classic 1990 martial arts superhero film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, directe...View Details

Back after a forced hiatus caused by the death of a very important external hard drive, we decided to celebrate the breaking of things by inviting com...View Details

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